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Virtual Art-A-Whirl 2020

Art-A-Whirl is online this year. I sadly will not be exhibiting in person at the Q.arma building. Instead this year I have created a gallery walkthrough. This footage was taken from the 333 Gallery in St. Paul. I had an art show the first week of March. I feel grateful I was able to have at least one in-person show this year. I am hopeful that next year for Art-A-Whirl I was be displaying at the Q.arma building with other artists for visitors to see art up close and in person.

Virtual Art Tour for Art-A-Whirl 2020

Live Painting Sessions Happening on Instagram Friday at 9 pm and Saturday at noon. Follow me on Instagram at @andreasartgallery.

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Last Day at Art-A-Whirl

Art-A-Whirl Day Three

Ofta, that was one fabulous Art-A-Whirl. There are so many more folks to thank. I couldn’t of asked for a better studio mate than Stever Tetrick, check out his beautiful photography Thanks to Jono for getting all the pieces in place and making the Q.arma building a hot spot to stop in Northeast. It was great seeing you David. Thank you to the gentlemen who came in at 5:30 and bought the ‘Who Are You’ Alice in Wonderland Tribute original color pencil. Also, thanks to Chris for stopping by and taking time to see the space and chat.

See all my Art-A-Whirl photos on my Andrea’s Art Gallery facebook page or my instagram account.
My next show is going to be June 23rd at the Hideaway Gallery in Dinkytown, there will be live music and live painting. You won’t regret making the trip out.

Hideaway Gallery
1309 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414